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All Points North #25: Steve El-Sharawy takes us on a guided tour of the underbelly of social media

Ever wondered about social media, and just what goes on in the data-world behind it? This week's guest offers a peek behind the online curtain.

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This week's guest on All Points North is the tech-savvy Steve El-Sharawy, the head of insights at EzyInsights, a social media analysis and consulting firm. El-Sharawy walks us through the data world behind the likes of Facebook and other social media platforms, while giving us tips on how to avoid the not-so-obvious scams we come across.

El-Shawary also broaches the controversial idea of children and social media, answering questions such as what can parents do to wean their children off social media habits? And in light of recent reports of mandatory phone usage in primary schools, we ponder whether such facilities are becoming enablers for online obsessions?

Another voice we hear from in this episode is the self-titled "social media doctor" Suvi Uski. Mulling over the effects of social media use, Uski suggests that around 90 percent of smartphone-owners in Finland suffer from social media addiction. As far as remedies go Uski advises people that the first step, as in most addictions, is to acknowledge the situation.

As part of our weekly wade into listener questions, All Points North took a look at the EU Copyright Directive as one listener's question worried that the directive is poorly crafted and could result in an infringement on people's rights. Another questioned the idea of having to pay royalties for sharing online media content.

Turning towards the top three news items trending this week, All Points North discusses comments by Interior Minister Kai Mykkänen who claims asylum seekers should be required to apply for and accept work since currently only two percent of them enter the workforce after their initial integration program ends.

Another discussed story of the week details the tragic death of a student who died following a fitness test in gym class. Education ministry officials have cleared the school of any wrongdoing and police said they found no reason to begin a forensic investigation into the teen's cause of death.

And finally as the most engaged news item of the week All Points North looks into the issue of Thai massage parlours as an investigation by Yle found that many women from Thailand who sell sex at massage parlours do it to support their families

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This week's show was presented by Mark B. Odom and Denise Wall with guest Steve El-Sharawy. The show's producer was Lydia Taylerson, reporting was by Zena Iovino and this week's sound technician was Katri Koivula.

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