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All Points North #47: Platforms, promises and platitudes - National Coalition Party

The centre-right NCP is on shaky ground in the polls as APN continues its pre-election review of Finland's main parliamentary groups.

Audio: Yle News

Finland's centre-right National Coalition Party will likely be asked to join in a coalition with the Social Democratic Party, if both parties win enough votes, according to political commentator Sini Korpinen and journalist Sam Kingsley who joined APN to talk about the NCP's prospects in the election and its potential role in a future government.

NCP party chair Petteri Orpo recently beat the SDP chair in a public opinion poll as a more popular prime minister choice than SDP chair Antti Rinne, proving he has greater appeal among the electorate.

Yle's latest voter survey shows the NCP trailing the poll-topper Social Democrats, with 15.8 percent and 20.1 percent voter support respectively. SDP leaders have made noises about possibly asking the NCP to join them in the governing coalition, if the labour-friendly group comes out on top after 14 April.

In the event that the third-place Finns Party wins big at the ballot box, Kingsley said he could also see the NCP being one of the few political parties willing to work with the nationalists, because both parties just came out of a four years of cooperation.

Korpinen said she believes that the NCP has clearly taken a more conservative turn in response to the rising popularity of the Finns Party. Both she and Kingsley surmised that, for example, countryside billboards defending the use of private cars may end up being a misstep with eco-conscious urban voters, however.

Korpinen also suggested that the NCP's role in the social and health care reform could also be construed as an attack on the welfare state, and this too may cost it votes on the upcoming parliamentary elections.

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This week's podcast episode was presented by Denise Wall and Zena Iovino, with additional reporting byDenise. Pamela Kaskinen was the producer, and the sound engineer was Pasi Ilkka.

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