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All Points North #48: Yle News Election Debate 2019

This special edition of the All Points North podcast features the audio version of Yle News' election debate, just ahead of parliamentary elections 14 April.

Video: Group photo of Yle News debate participants and hosts, from 25 March, 2019 and All Points North logo.
Video: Yle News

This April Finland elects a new parliament and ahead of that poll Yle News hosted an election debate featuring all of the major parties to grill them - in English - about their plans for Finland’s future.

The debate has already been streamed on Yle Areena nearly 10,000 times and seen by almost 7,000 others on Facebook since it was broadcast live on 25 March.

Take a moment to listen to the debate, especially if you're concerned about the climate, worried about your wages or enthusiastic about education issues in Finland.

The debate participants were:

  • Elina Lepomäki, National Coalition Party MP
  • Laura Huhtasaari, Finns Party MP
  • Kimmo Tiilikainen, Centre Party Minister of the Environment
  • Tiina Ahva, Blue Reform third VP
  • Anders Adlercreutz, Swedish People’s Party MP
  • Veronika Honkasalo, Left Alliance MP
  • Olli-Poika Parviainen, Greens MP
  • Aki Ruotsala, Christian Democrats candidate
  • Party secretary Antton Rönnholm, Social Democratic Party (not running in election)

The debate hosts and moderators were Yle News’ Denise Wall and Zena Iovino.

Our general election coverage includes a really simple guide, the ‘election compass’ that shows you which candidates most closely reflect your views, a series of in-depth podcasts on each of the nine largest parties, and of course up-to-the-minute results on election night itself, 14 April. The video version of the programme can be found here.

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