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All Points North #49: Platforms, promises and platitudes - the Social Democratic Party

Polls predict the SDP will come out on top on 14 April, but if they do, who will join them in a coalition?

Audio: Yle News

Yle's last pre-election poll released on Thursday shows the Social Democratic Party (SDP) leading the field but with somewhat less support from voters. The SDP now has 19 percent voter backing and the Finns Party have leap-frogged over the National Coalition Party to take second place with 16.3 percent approval.

APN's resident pundits Sini Korpinen and Sam Kingsley were on hand to comment on the rather surprising development and speculate on which parties might be a part of Finland's next governing coalition. Both agreed that the SDP is likely to come out the leader in 14 April voting, despite an election platform that didn't seem to differ from many of the others on offer.

Korpinen said she doubts that SDP party chair Antti Rinne would be able to partner with the nationalistic climate-change-denier Finns Party, wagering that the NCP and Greens might be the preferred partners. Kingsley disagreed, saying he foresaw a SDP-Centre-Green coalition on the horizon.

No matter who wins the election, Korpinen noted that the next government will have a difficult go of it, as the economy is predicted to slow down and there are still tough decisions on several reforms that have to be made.

Still undecided? Watch or listen to our Yle News election debate in English!

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This final podcast episode of our political party profile series ahead of the 14 April election was presented by Denise Wall and Mark B. Odom, with additional reporting by Zena Iovino. The producer was Pamela Kaskinen and the sound engineer was Juha Sarkkinen.

Don't forget to follow the election results on Sunday at our Yle News website, and tune in again next week Wednesday for our special wrap-up podcast where Sam and Sini will join us one last time for an analysis of the results.

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