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All Points North #62: How English-ready is the Finnish school system?

This week our APN podcast explores what could be done to better serve families who want an English-language education.

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Steve El-Sharawy, a British father in Finland, said there is a huge demand for English language schooling not just among native English speakers, but from Finnish speakers, too, as well as from a growing number of multicultural families who speak English at home.

A limited number of spots in English-language schools can make competition fierce, raising issues regarding the fairness of the entrance exam system, which assesses kids' English-language skills.

This week's All Points North explores how the Finnish school system accommodates multicultural, multilingual families, particularly in terms of English-language education, which is highly sought-after in Finland.

Falling through the cracks

"Some foreign kids end up in the Finnish system against their will, with the kids just knowing a few words. This can cause the kids to tune out and zone out," El-Sharawy said.

Meanwhile, speaking on condition of anonymity, one teacher in the Finnish public education system told Yle News that Finland doesn't just need more English-language schools — it also needs more specialised training for Finnish educators working in English.

"My son who's a native English speaker has to sit in beginners' English. He could be doing something more constructive with his time instead of studying colours," El-Sharawy explained.

Touching on the topic of school shopping by parents, Anu Halvari from the Finnish National Agency for Education said local schools in areas with a perceived poor reputation are "Finland's best kept secret," with parents probably avoiding them because of "prejudice."

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This week's show was presented by Zena Iovino and Egan Richardson. Our producer was Priya Ramachandran D’souza and our audio engineer was Pekka Nisu.

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