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All Points North #66: Does Finland need a flight tax?

Low air fares mean flying is more popular than ever but should we cut back to try and curb climate change?

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Climate activists say Finland should introduce a flight tax to try and wean people off their emissions-heavy flying diet. They point out that people in Finland in particular are responsible for more flying-related CO2 emissions than many other countries.

Activists have launched a citizens' initiative calling on government to consider implementing the tax., and they need to meet a Saturday deadline to gather the 50,000 signatures needed to get their proposal in front of lawmakers.

Meanwhile Finnair says flying taxes are not an especially effective way of tackling the problem and that passengers simply haven't been interested in other measures like purchasing carbon offsets for their flights.

APN looked at the issue this week along with guests Tehilah Auramo, an environmental activist who helped launch the citizens' initiative and Anne Larilahti, Finnair's vice president of sustainability.

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