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All Points North Podcast #12: Maryan Abdulkarim on myths about feminism, the #metoo movement and a divisive rail project in Lapland

All Points North kicks off the month of May with special guest, writer and activist Maryan Abdulkarim, who discusses her new book, "Ten Myths about Feminism". We also consider the #metoo movement in Finland and talk about a divisive railway project planned for Lapland.

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Our first podcast for May welcomes back Maryan Abdulkarim to talk about a new book she has co-authored, "Ten Myths about Feminism". We ask Abdulkarim to break down some of the most common misconceptions and a few new ones, including the idea that feminists can't wear headscarves or have long hair!

Our guest also helps us tackle a weighty question from one of our listeners, who asked "what can a white, foreign-born male over the age of 40 do to help promote the equal treatment of women in this age of #MeToo?"

The programme then takes us on a trip up north to Lapland, where our reporter Lydia Taylerson spoke with people invested in both sides of a controversial plan to build a rail track that would run from the northern city of Rovaniemi to Norway's deep-sea port of Kirkenes, about 15 kilometres from the Russian border.

Otherwise, we look at highlights from the week's news including a statement from the Officers' Union singling out dual Finnish-Russian citizens as a security risk in light of new legislation to limit the roles of dual citizens in high-ranking military positions; charges laid against three current and former senior police officers for improper supervision of an informants' register; and a Supreme Court decision to deny prosecutors leave to appeal a three-year prison sentence for sexual crimes committed against a ten-yea-old girl.

Our review also touched on new figures that showed drug overdose as the leading cause of death among men under the age of 40 in Finland; a decision by Yle producers to remove clips by the children's music group "Herra Heinämäki's Shed Orchestra" from a children's programme over a Native American costume worn by a band member; a major study which found that people who take a sauna every day have a 61 percent lower risk of stroke than those who only go once a week; Christian pupils in northern Finland opting out of attending cultural performances that they find disturbing on religious grounds; a new WHO finding that Finland has better air quality than any other country in the world; and a cautious reaction by teachers to a proposal to postpone the start of the school summer vacation by two weeks in a bid to boost the tourism industry.

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This week's podcast was presented by Egan Richardson and Denise Wall with special guest Maryan Abdulkarim. Today's show produced by Mark Odom, our contributing reporter was Lydia Taylerson and our sound technician was Jarno Valkonen.

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