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All Points North Podcast #16: Carmen Baltzar on racism faced by Romani people, abortion rights and Veikkaus

Romani filmmaker and writer Carmen Baltzar delves into the issue of racism in the media while we also look at abortion rights and the betting firm Veikkaus.

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In this week’s episode of All Points North we take a look at ways to challenge racism in the media with our special guest Carmen Baltzar, a Romani filmmaker and writer. The issue comes in the wake of a controversial report by a reporter from the Turku-based paper Turkulainen who ’browned-up’ his skin and dressed in supposedly typical Romani clothes in an effort to investigate discrimination.

We also take a look at gambling culture in Finland. Our reporter Joel Gillin headed to downtown Helsinki to explore the potential for social harm that some precariously placed slot machines could cause.

We also discussed the furore on the Yle News Facebook page where our readers voiced their opinion about Foreign Minister Timo Soini's controversial trip to Canada where he participated in an anti-abortion march while on an official visit.

In our dose of weekly news we take a look at extreme measures taken by the Parliament’s Constitutional Law Committee following leaks to the media over the the government's planned social and health care reform, a new report that shows one in five women in Finland experience violence in their personal relationships while disabled or immigrant-background women are two to three times more likely to experience violence than women from other groups in society, and a weather story cautioning against open fires in Finland during the current dry spell.

Also in the news, Finland’s plans to ban all tobacco and nicotine products by 2030 could be bolstered further. If the proposals are accepted more price hikes may be in store as well as expanded smoke-free areas. Meanwhile the Finnish Prime Minister’s Office has called for an independent probe into the role of Finnish Waffen-SS soldiers in the killings of Jews and civilians during World War II, serial strangler Michael Penttilä was sentenced to two and a half years in prison and a 4,000-euro fine for planning to strangle a 17-year old girl, and public health watchdog THL advises long-sleeved clothing and insect repellent containing DEET to help avoid tick bites.

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This week's show was presented by Egan Richardson and Denise Wall with guest Carmen Baltzar. The show's producer was Lydia Taylerson, the reporter was Joel Gillin and this week's sound engineer was Tuomas Vauhkonen.

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