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All Points North Podcast #17: Toivo Haimi explains everything you (n)ever wanted to know about Finnish politics

On this week's episode of All Points North we dig into the nitty gritty of Finnish politics with Yle Kioski's Toivo Haimi.

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In this week's episode of All Points North we dive head first into the Finnish political landscape with our special guest Yle Kioski's Toivo Haimi. We also try to figure out what it is the government is up to these days and take our best shot at answering the burning question, just what exactly is 'Sote'?

We also take a turn towards taxi regulations as we discuss the return of Uber. Our in-house reporter Mark B. Odom chatted with Uber Finland's country manager Joel Järvinen who had a lot to say on the the company's comeback. We hear what can be expected in the near future following a large-scale taxi reform expected to rollout next month.

Our audience brought up a myriad of topics from kids learning to swim in Finland to the prospect of merging municipalities into Helsinki, to the supposed problem of people migrating to southern Finland. To read more discussions or pose a question or two you can visit the Yle News Facebook page.

In our look at the week in news we discuss the quick hire and firing of Pori Jazz's CEO over controversial comments about homosexuality, a warning for Finland to pay closer attention to the welfare of asylum seeker children, statistics that say the wealth gap is on the rise, as well as a meeting between top US and Russian military leaders at Vantaa's Königstedt Manor.

Also in the news roundup is the trial that began this week of the father suspected of stabbing his daughter to death in Porvoo, a worrying trend in South Karelia of elderly men engaging in sex tourism across the border in Russia, resulting in an increase of HIV infections, rent hikes of up to 10 percent of the some 100,000 subsidized apartments in Helsinki, and the cot-over-cardboard-box sleeping habits of the presidential couple's baby.

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This week's show was presented by Egan Richardson and Mark B. Odom with guest Toivo Haimi. The show's producer was Lydia Taylerson, reporting was by Mark B. Odom and this week's sound technician was Juha Sarkkinen.

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