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All Points North Podcast #20: Teivo Teivainen talks presidential powers, foreign minister's abortion views, jobs and living in Helsinki

In this week's episode of All Points North we discuss the president's power boundaries, a foreign minister's dust-up, and Helsinki's livability ranking.

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Returning from a summer hiatus, All Points North welcomes back Helsinki University World Politics Professor Teivo Teivainen who wades us through the murky waters of the president's powers and how far they reach, while also discussing headlines made by Foreign Minister Timo Soini who again voiced his opinion on abortion on the international stage - he's against it, a view which contradicts the government's official stance.

Our listener question portion of the week ponders just what does it means now that Finland has dropped out of the Economist's top ten list of livable cities, and whether these ranking really have an impact, or are they just an entertaining article.

In our roundup of the week's news we discuss the upcoming one year anniversary of the Turku stabbing attack as marches are expected to be held in the city centre marking the incident on Saturday, a call by the Interior Minister Kai Mykkänen for community police to help prevent social problems recently seen in Sweden, a trial that saw three top police and the head honcho of the National Bureau of Investigation stand for their failure to properly monitor the workings of the Helsinki drug squad.

We also look at a poll that says one-third of Finns would support joining Nato if the President endorsed the membership, a discovered vulnerability in a password management software used by millions worldwide that was detected by researchers from Aalto and Helsinki universities, a controversial decision by schools to no longer require a parent's permission to give students HPV vaccines, and the story of a lawyer from a mental health NGO who suspects an applicant was denied a job based on a past depression diagnosis revealed in her medical examination.

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This week's show was presented by Denise Wall and Mark B. Odom with guest Teivo Teivainen. The show's producer was Lydia Taylerson, reporting was by Zena Iovino and this week's sound technician was Pasi Ilkka.

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