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All Points North Podcast #2: Mystery in Uganda, asylum seeker deportees, Finland's b-girls

Listen to this week's special guest Licia Prehn talk about what it's like to be a visually-impaired woman creating music and working in animation. Plus, a look at life for asylum seeker returnees and more.

Audio: Yle News

Our guest this week is online sensation Licia Prehn, an American who lives in Pori, Finland. Among other things, the multimedia artist talks about what it's like to be a disabled woman in Finnish working life.

We speak with Yle journalist Eero Mäntymaa about the death of an asylum seeker who was deported from Finland to Baghdad.

This week, All Points North also looks at the developing story involving a Finnish businessman's death in Uganda and the criticism immigration officers have faced over the policy of deporting rejected asylum seekers to Iraq. The show features roving reporter Kaspar Björkman who has a chat with a couple of Finland's female breakdancers.

We also look at Finland's good grades in English, Finns' reluctance to care for elderly relatives, a big Eurojackpot win, a controversial toy smuggler, and Finnish Olympic successes.

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This week's show was presented by Denise Wall and Egan Richardson with guests Licia Prehn and Eero Mäntymaa. Reporters were Lydia Taylerson and Kaspar Björkman, our producer was Mark B. Odom and our sound technician was Laura Koso.

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