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Alternative Solution to be Found to Food Queues

Bread lines in the capital could soon become a thing of the past, according to Paavo Voutilainen, Head of Helsinki Social Services, who says that recent criticism has not been directed at the right people.

Leipäjono Helsinginkadulla vuonna 2011.
Leipäjono Helsinginkadulla vuonna 2011. Image: Yle

Each Wednesday in Helsinginkatu Street, a queue of people congregates to collect free food and clothes from a Christian charitable association set up by Veikko and Lahja Hursti. Occasionally such queues have led to mild disturbances, but in general the atmosphere is quiet and peaceful.

Voutilainen says that he regrets the fact that such queues have attracted negative publicity. He says that it is a humbling experience for anyone to have to queue for basic necessities and it is not right that such people should have to face criticism, especially in such difficult circumstances.

The Helsinginkatu food queues have been growing and now typically contain over 100 people, but the practice is nevertheless being brought to an end. Voutilainen has promised that an alternative solution will be found.

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