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Amos Anderson museum plans unveiled

Plans for the new Amos Anderson museum were unveiled on Tuesday in Helsinki. The new space is slated to open in 2018 at Lasipalatsi in the centre of the city.

Havainnekuva Amos Andersonin taidemuseosta ulkopuolelta
Havainnekuva Amos Andersonin taidemuseosta Image: Amos Andersonin taidemuseo / JKMM

While the proposed Guggenheim project remains mired in controversy, on Tuesday another art foundation unveiled plans to build a new museum in central Helsinki. The Amos Anderson foundation plans to open a new gallery at Lasipalatsi in Kamppi by 2018.

The new structure is designed by the JKMM architecture practice, which is aiming to preserve and respect the historic Lasipalatsi building while adding something new to the square outside.

The gallery will be built around 2,000 square metres of exhibition space, which will be built underneath the current Lasipalatsi plaza with entrances and other structures also constructed above ground. The foundation says it wants to create an accessible space for art and culture, and is especially targeting young people.

Construction is due to begin in the autumn, with funding coming from the Finnish-Swedish arts fund Konstsamfundet.

Funding for the Guggenheim project, meanwhile, remains open with an Yle survey of local councillors revealing strong opposition to public funding for the project.

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