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Angry Birds movie an opening weekend box office hit in US and China

The Angry Birds movie, based on the popular video game, opened over the weekend in the US and China with chart-topping ticket sales: In the US it made about 35 million euros, while in China the movie scored the third-biggest opening ever for an animated film in China, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Angry Birds –elokuvan mainostaulu Sherman Oaksin kaupunginosassa, Los Angelesissa.
An Angry Birds billboard in Sherman Oaks, LA. Image: Tomi Hinkkanen

Entertainment and media company Rovio’s Angry Birds movie is well on its way to becoming a blockbuster, if initial ticket sales are any indication. The movie based on the video game about the beaky buddies opened in 4,000 cinemas on Friday in the US; according to initial ticket sales estimates, it garnered 39 million US dollars (35 million euros) over the weekend alone.

On Friday, US ticket sales were about 11 million euros. On Saturday, they peaked at more than 16 million dollars and on Sunday they were at 11.7 million dollars. Over the weekend, Angry Birds surpassed blockbuster Captain America: Civil War,  the superhero film featuring Marvel Comics characters.

Big in China

Angry Birds was also a chart topper in China over the weekend. According to movie magazine the Hollywood Reporter, the movie made 29.2 million dollars, about 26 million euros, over the weekend in China. The industry magazine also reported that Angry Birds was China’s third-biggest opening ever for an animated movie.

According to movie ticket sale tracking site Box Office, the movie has already made 151 million dollars, which is about 135 million euros.

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