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Animal rights group releases more shocking pig farm images

Recent images taken in secret by the Finnish animal rights organisation Oikeutta eläimille (Justice for Animals) reveal that pigs’ holding conditions are not improving, despite a quality benchmark programme introduced by the meat sector.

Helmikuussa 2014 Oikeutta eläimille -järjestön ottama kuva laukaalaiselta sikalalta.
February 2014 images from a pig farm in the city of Laukaa, in central Finland. Image: Oikeutta eläimille

The animal rights organisation released the images on Tuesday, with new footage from four different pig farms. Photos and video material taken earlier this spring show pigs kept in cramped cages among dirty conditions, in addition to a pile of dead carcasses outside the facility.

The most recent images published from the Laukaa pig barn are perhaps the most disturbing images the organisation has ever released, it says. Sows, for example, were kept in extremely cramped cages, the animals’ drinking water was dirty and the facility featured dangerous electric installations.

Two of the other three pig farms that were photographed were located in Sastamala and the third was in Jämijärvi. Oikeutta eläimille published images from one of the Sastamala farms already last autumn and asked the animal protection authorities to examine the facilities. According to the animal rights organisation, the conditions were still filthy at the farm this spring, despite the report.

The organisation claims that conditions for the animals have declined, just as the meat industry has sought to improve its reputation with advertising campaigns.

Oikeutta eläimille will file a police report requesting an investigation into the pig farms in question, stating that the animal facilities do not comply with Finland’s Animal Welfare Act.

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