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Anneli Auer denied bumper wrongful imprisonment compensation

Anneli Auer demanded 2.5 million euros in additional compensation from the District Courts.

Anneli Auer
Anneli Auer Image: Jarno Kuusinen / AOP

The Turku District Court has thrown out Anneli Auer’s demand for 2.5 million euros in additional compensation for having been wrongly imprisoned for the 2006 murder of her husband. The court concluded that the sum was too high, and instead increased her compensation by 22,000 euros.

After the Court of Appeals found her to be innocent of her husband’s murder in 2015, the State Treasury paid her 490,000 euros for the 611 days she spent imprisoned. The exceptionally high sum was granted in light of the length of time she spent imprisoned as well as the seriousness of the suspected crime.

After the District Court of Southwestern Finland granted Auer an additional 22,000 euros in compensation, they also demanded she pay the state 17,000 euros in court proceedings fees.

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