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APN extra: Resources to meet new people in Finland

On episode five of the All Points North podcast we discussed the topic of dealing with loneliness in Finland.

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As was heard on APN episode five, the project manager at the Finnish Mental Health Association Johannes Parkkonen said there are many ways to relieve loneliness, with all of them involving making contact with others. He said people can combat lonely feelings by joining clubs and activities, as well as reaching out to others.

Below are links to some organisations and groups that help people connect, which chiefly use English. If people feel lonely more often than they do not and the emotional toll becomes overwhelming, however, experts recommend seeking professional help.

Tampere foreigners, Foreigners in Oulu and Foreigners in Jyväskylä are Facebook groups. If you don't live in one of these cities, search on Facebook for yours. is a group that connects international families and their kids.

Luckan helps foreigners find education and language courses, find work and services as well as organises events and activities.

With dozens of activities and events Jolly Dragon connects people from Finland and beyond.

Caisa is a Helsinki-based international cultural centre, set up by the city to promote diversity through seminars, art, music and other events.

Arbis is an adult education centre based in Helsinki that mainly speaks Swedish, but the institute says most of their instructors speak English, and encourages English speakers to attend.

Finland's Red Cross has many ways which people can volunteer to help others, and Finnish is not necessarily required. One of the programmes sends volunteers out to people who may just need a little conversation or assistance.

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