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APN podcast: Can Finland still afford to fight climate change?

This week All Points North covers everything from the clandestine world of skin lightening cosmetics to geopolitics.

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Helsinki’s newly renovated Olympic Stadium reopened on Wednesday. Image: Tomi Hänninen / Yle

This week we look at the prevalence of skin lightening creams in Finland, examine all the latest Covid-19 news, interview hunger strikers looking to force action on climate change and have a first-hand report from the freshly-renovated Olympic Stadium.

Denise Wall investigated the issue of skin lightening products in Finland and found that many creams, including some that have been the subject of warnings over batches containing dangerous ingredients, are available at ethnic stores in Finland.

Despite these warnings, demand remains strong.

"The reason for that is that in some societies lighter skin is associated with beauty, it's associated with status, because it suggests that you are not doing manual labour out in the sun," said Denise.

We also asked hunger strikers trying to influence the government's plans to fight climate change what exactly they want.

"I think the action that's required to get to carbon neutral by 2025, that is radical action, requires radical change to people's lives," said Till Sawala. "But it's not as if the alternative is no change. The alternative is the climate catastrophe that will change all our lives in ways that are beyond out control."

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