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APN Podcast: Could Finland be a global Covid haven?

Could Finland become a safe haven for digital nomads and can politicians be social media influencers hawking products?

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This week All Points North asks if elected officials can take product placement deals while maintaining their impartiality. The show also explores a recent scandal involving a Green League politician who was gifted an electric bicycle in exchange for social media promotion.

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Audio: Yle News

"If your job is to promote some business over another -- automatically I would think you would end up favouring that company in your political decisions. Of course, nobody admits that, but this is the risk that they [politicians] are taking," said Salla Nazarenko of Transparency International's Finnish chapter.

"The misconception that there’s no corruption in Finland comes down to the fact that if we look at international comparisons, we don’t have so-called street corruption. We don’t pay bribes to teachers or policemen, but we have a lot of structural corruption."

Virus-free, but for a price

As usual, APN plunges into all the recent Finnish Covid news, but this week we also pick up on signals indicating that some see Finland as a potential safe haven from the virus. Could Finland use its low Covid infection rates to woo location-independent professionals in places that don't really have the virus under control?

"If you can work from anywhere why would you not want to go to a place that’s virus-free," argued Pauli Alin, an assistant professor at Utah Valley University, who said Finland should fast-track entry for remote workers. In exchange, Finland would get much-needed tax revenue.

"The question then is, are people willing to be taxed by the Finnish government? And my guess is, 'yes'. A lot of people would be -- that’s how you pay for safety."

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This week's show was presented by Zena Iovino and Egan Richardson. Our producer was Mark B. Odom and the audio engineer was Anttoni Wikström. Sign up for the All Points North newsletter and if you have any questions or would like to share your thoughts, just contact us via WhatsApp on +358 44 421 0909, on our Facebook or Twitter accounts, or at and

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