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APN podcast: Winners, losers, bug poison and nipple freedom

This week's All Points North podcast looks at election fallout and the coming summer.

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Finland's local election results are now confirmed, and they show a dip in turnout, a win for the National Coalition Party (NCP) and an advance for the Finns Party.

We asked AFP correspondent in Helsinki Sam Kingsley for his view on Finland's Covid-delayed, much-anticipated local elections.

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Kingsley said that all the parties were claiming some kind of success after the poll but the NCP were probably happiest.

"They held on to Helsinki, the mayoralty there will stay with Kokoomus (NCP). So in that sense, they're the big winners," said Kingsley.

"Sanna Marin's Social Democrats, well, they came second. She actually said something about being disappointed by that result. But on the other hand if you look at the polls beforehand, they were predicting that they would be coming third or even possibly sometimes fourth."

Kingsley continued to say that perhaps the story with the most impact long-term is the steady progress of the Finns Party.

"I think regardless of whether you want to claim that as a loss or something in between, is that the Finns Party who are a hardline, nationalist, I would say far-right party in its current form, are very much a presence in Finnish politics," said Kingsley. "They are not just an exception or a one-off, they have been around at the real head of what’s going on here for at least a decade, and I think this election really highlights that."

Also in this week's show we asked a Tampere activist group why they want to 'normalise the nipple', and explored the rights and wrongs of bug-destroying chemicals.

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