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Army gets €213 thousand for 'a pile of rusty junk'

The Finnish Defence Forces Tuesday sold off the rusty hulk of a WWII German battle tank in an online auction. The winning bid for the derelict Panzer IV topped €213,000.

Panzer IV runko
The online auction closed with a final winning bid of € 213,150. Image:

Any Panzer IV is a coveted prize for WWII memorabilia collectors.

"It is rare that a collector can entirely legally acquire a tank like this, complete with serial number. Worldwide, collectors often pick them up through shady means," says Sten Johansson, a Finnish expert on the hobby.

This particular tank was put up for auction "as is" by the Finnish Defence Forces on the 6th of October. The first bid was €50. By the 24th, the bidding had topped €100,000.

The proud new owner filed a winning bid of €213,150.

"Even though to the eye of a layman, it looks like a pile of rusty junk, it can be refurbished into an impressive collector’s item. Tracks and other spare parts are certainly available," Johansson adds.  

While the remains of the tank fetched a handsome price, it will forever remain a matter of speculation how much it would have sold for had it not been used for target practice by several generations of the Pori Brigade's conscripts.

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