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Summery weather brings drink-driving spike

Police say all people should also be on the lookout for suspicious drivers.

Mies puhaltaa alkometriin.
Breathalysers catch dozens of people on a given warm Finnish weekend. Image: AOP

Last weekend's drink-driving figures were in the dozens, according to police. Cases of driving under the influence of alcohol or some other intoxicant were recorded across the country, with the highest blood alcohol numbers clocking in at 2.8 permille (BAC 0.297%). The drink-driving limit is 0.5 permille (BAC 0.053%).

As temperatures rise with the coming of spring and summer, DUI cases tend to skyrocket. Just over ten drunk drivers were apprehended the central Finnish Häme region alone on Sunday.

"This isn't entirely unheard of, but certainly above average," the Häme police traffic unit reports. "It's very unfortunate that the need to get from point A to point B can be overwhelming for some people when intoxicated."

Police estimate that about one in three drink-drivers are female, with men still leading the grim statistics. Aggravated cases are also more common in general than regular, lower-risk speeding.

"I'd say the rougher cases are more common, but we also identify them easier due to the frequency of obvious on-road violations," police say.

Indeed, police now call on residents to immediately report suspicious or reckless driving by calling the universal emergency number 112. Calls come in on a daily basis already, and can help save lives.

"A quick response means we can locate the car in question faster. And the vehicle's license plate tells us a great deal as well."

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