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Artist Denied Appeal of Child Porn Conviction

Controversial artist Ulla Karttunen has been denied the right to appeal a verdict which found her guilty of possessing and disseminating child pornography in an art exhibit.

Artist Ulla Karttunen says she her intent was to condemn child porn.
Image: YLE

A year ago, Karttunen displayed a piece of work entitled Virginwhorechurch ("Neitsythuorakirkko"), which used images of child pornography she gathered on the Internet. She said her intent was to condemn child pornography and the industry which has sprung up around the sexualisation of teenage girls.

A visitor to the gallery made an official complaint to police about the piece. Police then confiscated both the offending art and Karttunen's computer.

Karttunen was found guilty, but was not punished. A lower court ruled that the closure of the exhibit and the confiscations were punishment enough. Karttunen, displeased with the verdict, applied for the right to appeal to the Supreme Court.

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