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At-home Covid test kits go on sale

Home tests will be available at discount retailer Lidl from Friday.

Tanja Huutosen pojan saamia pikatestejä.
Covid home test kits are already available in other countries, like these ones in Germany. Image: Tanja Huutonen

German supermarket chain Lidl has launched a range of Covid self-testing kits in Finland. Pharmacies will start offering similar packs to consumers later this month, according to Niina Ikonen of public health institute THL.

Home kits have a shorter nasal swab than those used by healthcare workers, Ikonen said. Self-tests may not offer accurate results if performed incorrectly, she added.

Lidl’s five-pack antigen tests retail for €29.99, a company spokesperson told Yle News.

In Germany and the UK, over-the-counter Covid tests have been a part of official strategies to combat coronavirus. Finnish health authorities don't share the same view, as the country's laboratory capacity has been able to keep up with testing demand, according to Ikonen.

"Even if you get a negative result at home, it’s always good to go and get tested by a professional if you have Covid symptoms," she explained, adding that a negative self-administered test was not a reason to break quarantine.

Two types of coronavirus home tests—antibody and antigen ones—are available to consumers, according to the Finnish institute for health and welfare.

THL has gathered guidance on at-home antigen and antibody tests here.

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