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Auroras light the late summer skies

The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights danced across the skies above large parts of western and northern Finland on Tuesday night. As summer draws to a close and nights become darker, these colourful displays are becoming brighter and easier to observe.

Revontulet välkkyvät järven yllä Rääkkylässä 27.8. klo 23.49.
The Northern Lights above a lake at Rääkkylä in North Karelia on Tuesday night. Image: Lukijakuva / Petri Palviainen

For example, the night sky over Ikaalinen, in the west of the country, was filled Tuesday night by shimmering, streaming curtains of green light that arched above the Big Dipper.

In the north, sky-watchers reported varied patterns of green and blue.

According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, its observation stations at Hankasalmi in the west and Sodankylä in Lapland registered strong magnetic disturbances between 9 PM and midnight on Tuesday night.

The Meteorological Institute maintains an online service Auroras Now! providing information to aid in aurora watching in Finland.


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