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Autumn storm winds move eastward

Wind and rain pummelled Finland's west coast into the night Wednesday, bringing down trees and power lines, leaving thousands without power Thursday.

Myrsky peltikatto katto kattopelti pelti tuuli
Wednesday's storm tore off part of the roof of this apartment building in Pori. Image: Teemu Kahila / Yle

The west coast city of Pori was hit hardest by the storm Wednesday night, while the Ostrobothnian municipalities of Kristinestad, Närpes and Vaasa were also affected by power outages.

The winds, which reached speeds of around 22-metres-per-second, brought down trees further inland, in regions such as Pirkanmaa and areas of central Finland, according to local power company data.

At around 4 am some 15,000 households across the region were left without power, after winds brought down electrical lines. There were still some 12,000 homes left in the dark at around 8 am.

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Tummat pilvet puiden yllä.
Image: Derrick Frilund / Yle

Rescue workers were called out many times Wednesday night and early Thursday, mostly to check out incidents of trees taken down by the storm. There were not a significant number of reports concerning property damage or serious incidents, however.

Wind moves east Thursday

Yle's meteorologist Anne Borgström said that wind speeds along the west coast and will subside during the day Thursday.

However, warnings are in effect for hard winds in central and eastern areas of Finland, particularly east of Päijänne.

It will be quite windy in other parts of Finland as well, but the wind speeds will not reach storm-strength in southern areas on Thursday, according to Borgström.

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