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Baby box for 2020 released

This year's edition of the Finnish maternity box contains 56 items, which is slightly fewer than in previous years.

laatikko ja lelu äitiyspakkaus 2020
The theme for the 2020 maternity package is "Blueberry milk" Image: Veikko Somerpuro © Kela, Jyrki Lyytikkä / Yle

Finland’s Social Insurance Institution, Kela, released the contents of the 2020 baby box on Friday.

The maternity box, a package of clothes, nappies and other newborn necessities offered by the state to every expectant mother, has been a cornerstone of the Nordic nation's welfare policy since the middle of the last century.

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housut äitiyspakkaus 2020
This year's package of clothes and other baby gear for new parents is called "Blueberry milk" Image: Veikko Somerpuro © Kela, Jyrki Lyytikkä / Yle

This year’s package is called “Mustikkamaito” (Blueberry milk) and it’s been designed by graphic designer Ilona Partanen.

Partanen says that she found inspiration from her own childhood, summer and happiness.

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haalari ja makuupussi äitiyspakkaus 2020
Although the number of items will be slightly fewer this year, the traditional snow suit and sleeping bag are still included Image: Veikko Somerpuro © Kela, Jyrki Lyytikkä / Yle

This year's package contains 56 items, which is slightly less than the number of items contained in previous years. Nevertheless, the basic contents of the package have remained similar over the years with a variety of practical items for babies ranging from jumpers and wooly socks to a snowsuit.

The world-renowned baby box came in for criticism last year after the corporate responsibility NGO Finnwatch said that ten products reviewed from the 2018 box had been made in circumstances involving serious labour rights shortcomings.

In response Kela said they would introduce sustainability criteria when choosing suppliers for the 2020 package.

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bodyt äitiyspakkaus 2020
The package of necessities is offered to every expectant mother and for decades has been a cornerstone of Finland's welfare policy Image: Veikko Somerpuro © Kela, Jyrki Lyytikkä / Yle

The 2020 box goes into circulation when the previous year’s packages have run out. Kela estimates that this will happen in May.

The new baby starter kit tradition began more than 80 years ago in Finland, with the idea that new parents could benefit from having a range of items to dress for and care for their newborn with.

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