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Bank of Finland: 341 fake euro notes found in first half of year

The most popular option among counterfeiters is the 50-euro note.

It's rare to find a fake note in Finland, according to the central bank. Image: Sanna Savela / Yle

The Bank of Finland reported on Friday that 341 fake euro notes were found in the first half of the year. That’s down a quarter on the figure from last year, and the number uncovered in Finland is low compared to other eurozone countries.

Of the fakes, 158 were 50 euro notes, 98 were fake twenties and 35 purported to be worth a hundred euros. The bank claims that Finland is relatively free of fakes, and that it should be almost impossible to get a fake note from an ATM.

In a statement, the bank recommends anyone who suspects they have a fake note to check it alongside a note they know to be genuine, and follow the steps in the guide on their website.

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