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Bank workers' two-day strike to shutter branches, slow customer services

National Conciliator Minna Helle said that the disputing parties are expected to meet next week to try and resolve their differences.

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A bank workers’ strike will go into effect on Thursday and Friday, following the failure of worker and employer representatives to find common ground on terms and conditions of weekend work.

On Wednesday, National Conciliator Minna Helle, who is facilitating the dispute negotiations, said that there was no resolution in sight.

In a statement, Helle said that she had been in touch with both sides, but that the situation was still in deadlock.

Meanwhile the lobby group representing the banks, Finance Finland said Wednesday that the end-of-week strike would affect all banks in the financial system and would likely shutter branch offices.

The group warned customers to brace for customer service bottlenecks as well as longer queues for service.

Efforts to firewall card payments, salaries, pensions, ATMs

The organisation said however, that banks would attempt to ensure that other key services remain largely untouched by the industrial action. These include, card payments, ATM functions as well as the payment of pensions, salaries and invoices.

Lead negotiator Helle said that both sides will come together to try and hash out their differences next Tuesday, 2 January.

Shortly before the Christmas holiday, Helle announced that talks between employer and employee representatives had broken off after both sides failed to agree on terms and conditions for weekend duty.

At the time, the unions representing workers announced strike action on 28 and 29 December, and also issued a strike warning for 4 and 5 January.

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