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Banksy comes to Mänttä in free exhibition starting in May

The Serlachius Museum brings a Banksy exhibition to Pirkanmaa in 2021.

Banksyn taideteos näyttelystä A Visual Protest, The Art of Banksy, MUDEC 2019 Milanossa
A Visual Protest: The Art of Banksy will be on display in Mänttä in 2021. Image: Päivi Viherkoski / Serlachius-museot

Next summer a Banksy exhibition comes to Finland to be shown free of charge at the Serlachius Museum in Mänttä.

The decision to make entry exhibition free of charge was made in recognition of Banksy's opposition to commercialism.

"He's a revolutionary artist who opposes authorities, all business and also the museum world, for example in entrance fees," said Pauli Sivonen, who leads the Serlachius Museums organisation.

"We want to respect the artist's wishes in this, so we are abandoning entrance fees while the exhibition is on and we won't sell any products based on his work."

Sivonen hopes that the exhibition, titled 'A Visual Protest', will draw big crowds to the small town of Mänttä. Located some 270 kilometres north of Helsinki, the town's two big institutions are the Serlachius Museum and the paper mill whose owners originally funded the cultural attraction.

"This is the biggest financial investment in exhibitions at the Serlachius museums in my time running them," said Sivonen. "These things don't come to Finland very cheaply."

The exhibition has been on display in Milan and Rome, and after it comes to FInland it will head to Japan.

It comprises sme 70 works, with an emphasis on Bansky's earlier artworks, and will be on display in Mänttä from 15 May until 10 October 2021.

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