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Bear encounters mirror in eastern Finland, hilarity ensues

Nature enthusiast Pentti Myllys was in for a surprise when one of his cameras recorded the antics of a bear taken aback by a mirror placed at the roadside near the eastern border.

Nature lover Pentti Myllys from Rautajärvi on Finland's eastern border, placed three game cameras in the eastern border zone, and stationed a mirror in the verge and another camera on the opposite side of the road and waited to see what his cameras would capture.

Over the years, his cameras' memory cards have recorded a great deal of video material and snapped photos of many forest animals – bears, lynxes, elk, hares and wild pigs.

Because the cameras are located in a prohibited border zone, they are protected from human interference.

Just under one week ago, a bear nosed its way out of the forest cover, walked towards the mirror, noticed its reflection and nearly jumped out of its skin.

After circling the mirror, it caught sight of itself once more, got another shock and repeated the cycle. In the end, the alarmed bruin knocked over the mirror.

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