Best view of the Perseids in the east and north

Cloudy skies across much of southern and western Finland are likely to block the view of the celestial show put on by the Perseid meteor shower on Saturday night. However sky gazers in the north and east may be in for very a spectacular treat.

Tähdenlentoja yötaivaalla.
The Perseids appear in the skies ever year in mid-August. Image: Marko Kämäräinen / Lahden Ursa ry

On Friday night and the early hours of Saturday, the normally generous Perseid meteor swarm provided sky gazers with an even more that usually large number of shooting star streaking across the heavens.

"There were more than normally seen, about 20 percent over the average," estimates Jaakko Visuri of the Ursa astronomical society.

According to Visuri, the best visibility was in the east of the country.

"Cloudy weather has largely interfered with observations in the south of the country and especially in the west. Up here at the latitude of Oulu the weather was fairly good for watching up until about one o'clock."

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The Perseid meteor shower is an annual event that comes around each year in mid-August.

"This is generally a reliable and large meteor swarm. For us Finns it's nice that it comes in August when the night skies are again dark enough that they can be well seen. And, it's not so cold. You're not out in freezing temperatures," Visuri points out.

If clouds or scheduling prevent seeing this celestial show, Jaakko Visuri says not to worry.

"Indeed, shooting stars can be seen every night, and even every day. Just don't stop watching for them. There are plenty of meteor showers still on their way this year."

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