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Bodies of 3 skiers recovered in Norway

Search teams in northern Norway have found the remains of three members of a Finnish-Swedish group killed by an avalanche.

Helikopteri taivaalla Tamokdalenin päällä.
A helicopter over the Tamok Valley. Image: Gustaf Antell / Yle

The bodies of two skiers were found under a mass of snow near the top of a Norwegian fell on Thursday. That followed the discovery of a third member of their group a day earlier.

A Swedish woman and three Finnish men were killed by an avalanche on 2 January.

The search for missing off-piste skiers in the Tamok Valley was frustrated by stormy weather for much of early January.

On Thursday the number of searchers was expanded to 21 in a final push to locate the last victim. The search teams plan to stay overnight on Blåbärfjellet mountain, weather permitting.

The two victims found on Thursday have been brought down from the mountain and taken to Tromsø hospital for identification.

The victims were aged 29 to 36. The Finns were from Swedish-speaking towns in the western Ostrobothnia region.

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