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Body of woman found in drained Tampere riverbed

Law enforcement officials in Tampere have confirmed that the body of a woman was found in the Tammerkoski rapids in the city on Tuesday.

Tammerkoski on tyhjennetty.
Photo of the drained Tammerkoski rapids, taken Tuesday 3 April, 2018, where the body of a woman was found. Image: Jussi Mansikka / Yle

Police investigator Juha Myllymäki told Yle that the body of a woman was found by workers who were in the process of cleaning up and emptying the riverbed.

The rapids were drained Monday night in order to begin renovations to the Hämeensilta bridge in downtown Tampere on Tuesday.

Police said that an investigation into the incident has started and that they are trying to identify the victim.

Police said that it is unknown how long the body had been in the river and that the agency will check missing persons lists in order to assist in determining the victim's identity.

News outlet Aamulehti first reported on the discovery of the woman's body.

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