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Bollywood Director to Shoot in Finland

A leading Indian director, Samir Karnik, is currently in Finland hunting for locations for new film productions. The Finnish Tourist Board hopes Bollywood enthusiasm for Finland might lead to a tourist boom.

Karnik is in Finland looking for nature. He describes the country's scenery as 'fantastic' for a filmmaker.

Karnik waxes poetic about Finland's greenery and water. Indeed, the ideal ingredients for the backdrop to a passionate Bollywood epic.

If he and other directors start filming in Finland, it could be big business. The Indian film industry produces three times as many pictures annually as Hollywood.

Its audiences are not just the urban poor, but also wealthier viewers who want to visit the various film locations. Karnik's filming locations in Switzerland soon became tourist hotspots.

Now Finnish Tourist Board officials wait with bated breath at the prospect of Indian moviegoers visiting locations here.

They may not have to wait long: Karnik is currently involved in the production of three films. A dance scene for one of them will be shot in Finland. It might also be a shot in the arm for Finnish tourism.

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