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Bone-chilling cold arrives in Finland

Starting on Wednesday morning, winter will continue to make a comeback in what has so far been an unusually mild season in Finland. Temperatures in southern areas will drop to -17 degrees Celsius and temperatures will go well below -30 degrees in northern Lapland on Thursday. Roads and motorways across the country will be quite slippery the next few days, as well.

Käsiä palelee
Image: Tommi Parkkinen/Yle

According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) the mercury will drop throughout the day Wednesday, bringing temperatures down to -14 Celsius in southern areas (-20 and below in the east and -33 degrees in the far north) by early evening.

Arctic winds from the northwest will make the icy temperatures feel even colder, for example making -14 degrees feel like -24 degrees Celsius in the capital area on Wednesday.

On Thursday temperatures are set to drop even further to -17 degrees Celsius in southern areas, and down to -34 degrees in northern Rovaniemi by Thursday evening.

But the cold won't be over just yet, particularly in the south.

On Friday temperatures are slated to plunge even more in southern areas, down to an anticipated -19 degrees Celsius, according to FMI.

By the weekend the bone-chilling weather should subside a bit, with temperatures hovering around -5 degrees in the south, and snow is also in store on Saturday.

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