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Bosnian Serb Publication Claims Ahtisaari Took Bribes

The speaker of Serbia's Parliament is calling for an investigation into claims that former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari, who served as the UN envoy in talks on the future of Kosovo, had taken bribes.

As special U.N. Envoy, It was Martti Ahtisaari's job to draw up proposals on the granting of some form of autonomy for Kosovo. The Bosnian Serb magazine Fokus has claimed that German intelligence officers sent the UN Secretary General a report that Ahtisaari was given 40 million euros by Albanian Mafia to recommend that Kosovo be granted independence from Serbia.

However, the UN Secretary General office's told YLE News on Tuesday that no such report had been received.

Nevertheless, the speaker of the Serb Parliament Oliver Dulic called for an investigation into the matter. He was interviewed by the Serb radio station B92.

Ahtisaari recommended that the Albanian majority in Kosovo be granted independence from Serbia. A move that didn't play well with Serbia, who has tried previously to label Ahtisaari as biased and incompetent.

Ahtisaari has also been a target of the Serbian tabloids before, even accusing his father of being a nazi officer. The envoy himself has, so far, made no comment on the accusations. A spokesman for his office said the charge was purely rubbish and described it as "an imaginative tale made for malevolent political reasons."

The position of Kosovo is currently up for consideration by the UN Security Council. Kosovo's independence is supported by the west but opposed by Serbia and Russia.


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