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Botox becoming big business in Finland

Forget Tupperware or makeup—women are now gathering in homes for cosmetic injections. Botox parties, which got their start in the United States, have spread from the capital region to rural Finland.

Botuliinihoitoa annetaan kauneushoitolassa.
Botuliinihoito. ( Arkistokuva ) Image: Yle

Frown lines become smooth and the years seem to recede. Botox paralyses facial nerves and muscles to reduce wrinkling. Other injectables act as dermal fillers, plumping up faces hollowed out by age.

“The field has really picked up, says Mirja Halonen, a consultant at The Look beauty clinic, which has offices in Helsinki, Tampere and a number of other Finnish cities. But now the company is looking to expand its clientele by throwing ‘injectable parties’ at salons and even in homes.

“The time and place don’t matter as long as the injector’s hands are protected and the area to be treated is disinfected,” says Halonen.

She says people who have had cosmetic procedures usually spread their excitement to friends.

But Halonen says no one is pressured to get injected at Botox party nights. People are also invited to just watch.

Bigger better?

Botox parties sponsored by The Look include group plastic surgery consultations. Halonen says more women are choosing to go under the knife than ever before.

“In spring and summer we perform four surgeries per day. We’re already fully booked,” says Halonen.

Breast augmentation is still the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in Finland, but Halonen says a shift is occurring. Some women are now yearning for bigger bottoms to accentuate a fuller figure.

“Butt implants will be the next big thing. We’re not doing very many of them at the moment—the trend hasn’t fully made it to Finland yet.”

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