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Bright start to autumn northern lights season

Mother Nature greenlighted the start of the autumn northern lights season, as the skies came alive in northern Finland this week. The natural light display danced through the heavens as far as Kemi.

Revontulet taivaalla elokuussa 2013 Kemin Takajärvenrannassa.
Kemi resident Teemu Kvist captured this light show in Takajärvi. Northern lights sightings were also reported in other parts of Lapland this week. Image: Teemu Kvist

Evidence of heightened solar activity could be clearly seen in areas such as Muonio and Sodankylä in Finnish Lapland and stretched even further south to Kemi.

According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), the spectacular northern lights displays are usually best seen on clear winter nights, but can also put in an appearance during the summer.

However the well-lit summer night sky doesn’t provide the best backdrop for the stunning light show. The advent of autumn with its shorter days and longer nights therefore sets the stage for the natural extravaganza of light.

The meteorologists say that the best time to go out northern lights spotting is at the beginning of autumn, or in late winter before the arrival of spring.

The odds of sighting the sometimes elusive lights are best in northern Lapland in areas such as Kilpisjärvi, where they often blaze across the skies three nights out of four.

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