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Broadband Internet Services Relatively Cheap in Finland

Prices of broadband internet services in Finland are clearly below the average for the European Union, according to a study commissioned by the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The researchers compared prices of broadband services in the 25 EU countries in October 2005.

The survey reveals that the cost of DSL connections has declined in all EU countries, including Finland, while the number of broadband connections has risen sharply.

DSL internet services were cheaper than Finland in Lithuania, The Netherlands, Estonia, and Italy. The most expensive DSL fees were in Greece.

From July 2004 to June 2005, the number of broadband internet connections grew by 18.5 million in the EU, an increase of 61 percent. In June 2005 Finland had about a million broadband connections. The per capita rate for broadband connections in Finland was the fourth highest in the EU.

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