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Broadband satellite service for remote areas - Juankoski here it comes!

Service provider Sonera is to market satellite-fed broadband internet connections at the end of this year. These are particularly aimed at remote areas where connection speeds remain slow. Speeds up to 10 megabytes will be on offer.

Soneran satelliittilaajakaistan esittelytilaisuus Juankoskella.
Image: YLE / Toni Pitkänen

Sonera has tested its broadband satellite connection ability since last December. Now it's up to the company to attach a price to the service.

The new service was presented on a remote farmstead near Juankoski in Northern Savo on Tuesday. A dish antenna with an 80cm circumference was pointed at a geostationary satellite located over the equator.

Tests showed a maximum bandwidth of 10 megabytes was obtainable. Sonera intends to market packages at various speeds.

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