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Bus crash at Helsinki airport hampers Flybe flights

Investigation of the incident and damage to the plane are still underway. Timetable changes are expected to remain in force until at least 21 November.

Matkustajia menossa lentokoneeseeen.
Kemi airport is one of those hit by knock-on effects of a recent mishap in Vantaa. Image: Riikka Rautiainen/ Yle

A collision between a bus and a plane is having long-running repercussions on the operations of Finnair’s domestic-flights partner Flybe.

Three weeks ago, an airport bus crashed into a Flybe aircraft at Helsinki Airport. That plane will remain out of service for at least a couple more weeks, causing delays and cancellations on many routes in Finland and even Sweden.

Those affected include flights between Helsinki and Kemi-Tornio, Kokkola-Pietarsaari, Jyväskylä, Kajaani and Norrköping in eastern Sweden.

Some flights now have added stopovers while others are being dropped from the schedule for now.

The British-owned low-cost carrier says that investigation of the incident and the damage to the plane are still underway, and that further changes may be necessary. The timetable changes are expected to remain in force until at least 21 November.

Renovation and redundancy

There will also be changes to Flybe flights to Ostrobothnia next year, as Vaasa Airport will be renovated. Planes will instead land at Kokkola-Pietarsaari Airport in Kronoby, and the last evening departure from Helsinki will be cancelled.

Last month Flybe Finland launched redundancy talks that could lead to pink slips for more than a tenth of its Finnish workforce. Established in 2011, Flybe Finland is half-owned by Finnair and operates nearly all of its domestic routes as well as many of its European flights.

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