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California wildfires produce spectacular sunsets in Finland

Smoke from forest fires in North America will give the sunset in Finland a redder-than-usual tinge on Monday evening.

Lokki lentää auringonlaskussa merellä.
The sun may glow redder than usual on Monday evening Image: Nella Nuora / Yle

Smoke particles spreading from California wildfires will arrive in Finland on Monday evening around 6pm, giving the sunset a red glow, according to meteorologists.

Antti Lipponen, a meteorologist with the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), took to Twitter to share NASA's microparticle forecast which shows a column of particles spewing towards Finland. This prompted Juha Lindfors to share an image of a glowing sunset already visible on Saturday evening in Haukipudas, north of Oulu.

Skygazers will, however, only be able to catch a glimpse of glowing skies if conditions are clear.

Yle meteorologist Matti Huutonen said an area of rain will sweep over Finland from west to east on Monday.

"We’ll have to see if the rain moves on before sundown," Huutonen explained.

He said people in southern and western Finland as well as Lapland would have the best chance of experiencing a spectacularly coloured sunset.

"Particles high up in the atmosphere do not per say impact the air quality on the ground," Huutonen said of the airborne ash particles causing vivid red sunsets.

The sun will set at 7.22pm on Monday.

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