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Can it be? Mercury jumps to over 25C in southern Finland

All hope seemed lost, but spring is finally here, as temperatures rose on Friday past the magical 'heat threshold' mark in Finland that denotes daytime highs passing 25 degrees Celsius. Inland areas in the south were slightly warmer than along the coast.

Mies makoilee nurmikolla auringossa.
Image: Henrietta Hassinen / Yle

Temperatures in southern Mäntsälä measured 25.3 degrees Celsius on Friday in Finland, as the lower climes of the country basked in the first genuinely warm and sunny day for a good many months. The nearby city of Hämeenlinna recorded a high of 25.1 in the afternoon. 

Yle meteorologist Anne Borgström says the afternoon high might even be eclipsed later in the day in south-central areas, and more cases of above-25 degrees might pop up in other cities and towns.

Temperatures are predicted to grow a little cooler after Friday, with partly cloudy skies.

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