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Cancer Society: Melanomas affecting more Finns

Increasing numbers of Finns are suffering from skin cancer, with middle-aged women most likely to suffer from melanomas. A new estimate from the Cancer Society of Finland suggests that by 2020 some 2,000 people each year will suffer from the disease.

Turisteja uimarannalla Playa del Inglesissä Kanariansaarilla.
Tanning became a common hobby in the 80s and 90s--but it could now have health implications. Image: Yle

The Cancer Society says that the number of melanomas in Finland is likely to increase to around 2,000 each year by 2020. That compares to the figure from 2012, when melanomas stood at 1,320. Of those more than 700 were men and 600 were women.

That gender imbalance is expected to correct itself in the coming years as more women are diagnosed with the disease, according to the society. The charity says this expected increase is partly down to the ageing of a cohort of women who grew up in the 1980s and 90s, when tanning was in vogue and solariums saw heavy use in Finland.

The society urges people to take precautions against sunburn and UV radiation. Protecting children and young people’s skin and eyes against the sun is one effective way to minimise their risk of developing skin cancer, says the society.

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