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Care for infirm, marginalised youth top public survey ranking of pre-election issues

A fresh survey suggests that the needs of society's most vulnerable have become voters' most pressing policy concerns ahead of Finland's general election in April.

Äänestyslippu kuoressa
Image: Petteri Paalasmaa / AOP

Care for the elderly, sick and marginalised youth came out on top in a recent survey that asked a sample of Finnish residents to rank 47 different policy issues ahead of the upcoming parliamentary elections on 14 April.

The topics of unemployment, education, energy issues, the status of the poor, state finances and climate change were also rated high in the survey, with four-fifths of respondents showing support for these themes.

Themes that were seen as less important were civil activism, the level of development aid, and the adverse effects of alcohol.

The survey was commissioned by the local government advocacy group Municipal Development Foundation, and it was conducted by the Finnish pollster Kantar TNS. It contains answers from over one thousand survey respondents, resulting a margin of error of less than three percentage points in either direction.

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