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Cash-for-clunkers scheme ends, declared a success

Friday is the last day to turn in a high-polluting clunker to receive a 1,500-2,500 euro rebate for a new car.

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The Finnish government’s cash-for-clunkers campaign, which ends on 31 August, has again turned out to be a success, says the Transport Safety Agency (Trafi).

Figures from Trafi show that by Thursday morning, 6,600 new cars had been purchased under the scheme, which was launched at the beginning of this year.

The government budgeted eight million euros for the programme, which was aimed at taking higher-emission cars off the road. According to Trafi, about 90 percent of the funds have been used so far.

Under the scheme, a car owner who turns in a high-polluting car that it at least 10 years old to be junked gets a rebate of 1,500-2,500 euros towards the purchase of a new car, depending on the engine type and emissions.

Also as of the start of 2018, anyone who buys or starts a long-term lease of a new fully electric car is eligible for a subsidy of 2,000 euros. That rebate is in effect until 2021.

Finland’s first cash-for-clunkers programme took place in 2015 and ended up being more popular than expected, with 8,000 new cars purchased under the scheme.

Yle reported earlier this month that municipalities spend thousands of euros every year to junk abandoned vehicles left on roads and parking lots.

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