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Ceiling collapses in four-year-old southern Finland school

The ceiling of a Loviisa school built in 2014 caved in, spilling insulation onto the floor. It is the third school ceiling to collapse this month.

A ceiling in the Harjurinne School, built new in 2014, reportedly collapsed in the southern coastal city of Loviisa. Nobody was at the school at the time of the incident, which occurred some time between Monday evening and Tuesday morning, and no one was injured. The entire building has since been closed.

The city's facility services chief Antti Kinnunen said that 60 square meters of the cafeteria ceiling came down. The ceiling structure pulled down the ceiling panels, insulation, electronics and pipes as it fell. A city bulletin noted that a small amount of water from burst heating pipes also leaked onto the floor.

City authorities and rescue officials are investigating the cause of the collapse. Skanska, the building company that was in charge of the new addition's construction, has also been summoned to assess the situation.

The new wing of the Harjurinne School where the destruction occurred was built four years ago, but children have not been using it due to problems detected with the indoor air. The 170 or so children who attend the school were only using the cafeteria and the gym facilities in the new space.

For at least the next week or so, plans have been made to transport the pupils and teachers by bus to the Loviisa campus of the Edupoli adult education institution for lunch.

Third incident this month

Skanska completed construction of the new wing of the school in 2014, and the school's kindergartners and primary school students used it before moving to separate temporary facilities.

An independent solicitor is mediating talks between the municipality and Skanska over liability for the indoor air problems in the structure.

Earlier this month, a school ceiling collapsed in the Helsinki district of Oulunkylä, followed by near-miss with a school ceiling collapsing in the southern city of Kirkkonummi.

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