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Centre and Green League Slam National Coalition Agenda

Some of the political parties contesting April's Parliamentary election were quick to comment on the programmes put forward by the National Coalition Party Saturday.

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First off the blocks were government partners the Centre Party and the Green League, who both condemned the National Coalition proposals.

Deputy chair of the Centre Party, MP Timo Kaunisto denounced the National Coalition election manifesto as flowery centre-right politics. The Green League also criticized the National Coalition agenda, calling into question its taxation proposals.

According to the Centre party deputy chair, the flowery language of the National Coaltion didn’t quite hide the party’s coddling of the well-heeled in society.

“There were no concrete promises for relieving the plight of society’s less fortunate, but for the National Coalition, tax breaks for high income earners were a deal breaker,” Kaunisto pointed out.

He added that the National Coalition policies would lead to all of society bearing the tax burden, in spite of the party’s denials.

He noted that introducing tax breaks while increasing consumption taxes such as the VAT would transfer a heavier tax burden to low income earners.

Kaunisto declared it would not be wise to ease income taxes to the tune of one billion euros while the state ran up debt to the tune of nine billion euros annually. The Centre party politician added that the National Coalition agenda proposed large cuts to important welfare services.

Writing in her blog, Anne Sinnemäki, Chair of the Green League condemned the National Coalition’s taxation policy. She questioned the basis of the party’s taxation proposals and how they would accumulate one billion euros in additional taxes while promising to reduce worker and corporate taxation.

It seems to me that the National Coalition Party would collect about zero in additional taxes and nowhere near one billion euros,” she added.

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