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Centre demands True Finns participation in government talks

Centre Party Secretary Timo Laaninen says it is vital for his party that the True Finns should take part in negotiations to form a new government.

Perussuomalaisten puheenjohtaja Timo Soini, takana kansanedustaja Mika Niikko.
Image: YLE

Speaking in a YLE interview, he said all political creativity should be employed to determine on what conditions the True Finns would join a new administration.

Laaninen added the Centre Party had passed on its view to Prime Minister-designate Jyrki Katainen of the conservative National Coalition Party.

Extensive contacts were maintained between the major party players over the weekend. For example, the Centre has also approached the Social Democrats. They left the current round of government talks last week following differences over economic proposals put forward by the NCP.

Laaninen revealed contacts between the parties had been going on at various levels.

“Katainen has one more chance to form a government and he must succeed,” Laaninen concluded.

Soini Giving Serious Consideration

Responding to the Centre Party's wish, True Finns chair Timo Soini said he was giving it serious reconsideration. Soini, however, reiterated his opposition to government co-operation with the Greens and to support for eurozone bailouts.

Talks on the formation of a new government collapsed last Wednesday when the SDP and Left Alliance left after 13 days of negotiations. Differences over economic policy kept the two major winning parties of the election, the NCP and the SDP, from reaching agreement.

After the breakdown of talks, PM-designate Katainen said he was in touch with both the Centre and True Finns parties on forming a new administration. Parliamentary party bosses are due to convene on Tuesday to discuss how to break the deadlock in government formation talks.

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